UEFA Europa League Schedule 2016-17 (Confirmed)

UEFA Europa League fixtures/schedule of season 2016-17 finally announced from UEFA. As per declaration, UEFA Europa League officially starts from 20th June and will be played till next year May 2017. It will play continued till 348 days from qualifying matches to final match of football league. As per confirmed calendar from UEFA, its final will be held on 24th May 2017 at Friends Arena.

UEFA Europa League is organized by Union of European Football Associations and it played annually. Football Annual Schedule made by UEFA and below calendar of league is now confirmed and will not changeable.


UEFA Europa League Schedule season 2016-17:

15th September 2016 (Thursday)
Group Stage Matchday 1
29th September 2016 (Thursday)
Group Stage Matchday 2
20th October 2016 (Thursday)
Group Stage Matchday 3
3rd November 2016 (Thursday)
Group Stage Matchday 4
24th November 2016 (Tuesday)
Group Stage Matchday 5
8th December 2016 (Thursday)
Group Stage Matchday 6
12th December 2016 (Monday)
Round of 32 drwa list Nyon
16th February 2016 (Thursday)
Round of 32 First Leg
23rd February 2016 (Thursday)
Round of 32 Second Leg
24th February 2016 (Friday)
Round of 16 Draw List Nyon
9th March 2016 (Thursday)
Round of 16 First Leg
16th March 2016 (Thursday)
Round of 16 Second Leg
17th March 2016 (Friday)
Quarter final Draw list Nyon
13th April 2016 (Thursday)
Quarter Finals First Leg
20th April 2016 (Thursday)
Quarter Finals Second Leg
21st April 2016 (Friday)
Semi Final Draw list Nyon
4th May 2016 (Thursday)
Semi Finals First Leg
11th May 2017 (Thursday)
Semi Finals Second Leg
24th May 2017 (Wednesday)
Final Friends Arena, Solna


Qualifying Matches and Play-off matches starts from 3rd week of June and will be complete on last week of August 2016. Top rank achievers and winners of qualifying and play-off matches will be select for Europa League Group Stage draw which held on 26th August 2016. After group stage draw list, 48 groups team will be played further matches with above schedules.

6 Group stage matches will be played from 15th Sep to 8th December to enter in Round of 32. After draw list of Round 32, it will play between from 12th December to 23rd February. In the rest time Round of 16, Quarter finals and semi finals will played till 11th May 2016. UEFA Football League final will be held on 24th May 2017 and will be complete with winner of season 2016-17.

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