English League One Fixtures 2016-17

English League One Schedule and Fixtures 2016-17 now out at online. It is also known as Sky Bet League because whole league sponsored by Sky Sports TV Network. Other Names are EFL League One, Football League Second division and more. Anyways lets discuss about it complete schedule of 2016-17 season league which traditionally played between August to next year April. League will be continuously played for 46 weeks.

Please note that all time are available in United Kingdom Time Zone.

English League One Schedule and Fixtures 2016-17:

19th November 2016 (Saturday)
Rochdale 3:00 PM Swindon
Scunthorpe 3:00 PM Oldham
Sheffield United 3:00 PM Shrewsbury
Charlton Athletic 3:00 PM Port Vale
Fleetwood Town 3:00 PM Chesterfield
Wimbledon 3:00 PM Bury
Bolton 3:00 PM Millwall
Bristol Rovers 3:00 PM MK Dons
Northampton 3:00 PM Peterborough
Oxford United 3:00 PM Coventry City
Southend 3:00 PM Bradford City
Walsall 3:00 PM Gillingham
22nd November 2016 (Tuesday)
Peterborough 7:45 PM Scunthorpe
Port Vale 7:45 PM Oldham
Rochdale 7:45 PM Walsall
Sheffield United 7:45 PM Bury
Bradford City 7:45 PM Northampton
Bristol Rovers 7:45 PM Charlton Athletic
Fleetwood Town 7:45 PM Shrewsbury
Millwall 7:45 PM Wimbledon
MK Dons 7:45 PM Chesterfield
Oxford United 7:45 PM Gillingham
Southend 7:45 PM Swindon
Bolton 8:00 PM Coventry City
26th November 2016 (Saturday)
Scunthorpe 3:00 PM Oxford United
Shrewsbury 3:00 PM Port Vale
Gillingham 3:00 PM Rochdale
Northampton 3:00 PM Bolton
Coventry City 3:00 PM MK Dons
Wimbledon 3:00 PM Fleetwood Town
Bury 3:00 PM Millwall
Charlton Athletic 3:00 PM Sheffield United
Chesterfield 3:00 PM Bristol Rovers
Oldham 3:00 PM Peterborough
Swindon 3:00 PM Bradford City
Walsall 3:00 PM Southend
29th November 2016 (Tuesday)
Sheffield United 7:45 PM Walsall
10th December 2016 (Saturday)
Oxford United 3:00 PM Oldham
Peterborough 3:00 PM Chesterfield
Port Vale 3:00 PM Northampton
Millwall 3:00 PM Shrewsbury
MK Dons 3:00 PM Wimbledon
Rochdale 3:00 PM Scunthorpe
Sheffield United 3:00 PM Swindon
Bradford City 3:00 PM Charlton Athletic
Bristol Rovers 3:00 PM Bury
Fleetwood Town 3:00 PM Walsall
Southend 3:00 PM Coventry City
12th December 2016 (Monday)
Bolton 8:00 PM Gillingham
15th December 2016 (Thursday)
Coventry City 7:45 PM Sheffield United
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
Northampton 3:00 PM Rochdale
Oldham 3:00 PM Southend
Scunthorpe 3:00 PM Millwall
Chesterfield 3:00 PM Bolton
Gillingham 3:00 PM MK Dons
Shrewsbury 3:00 PM Bristol Rovers
Swindon 3:00 PM Fleetwood Town
Wimbledon 3:00 PM Port Vale
Bury 3:00 PM Oxford United
Charlton Athletic 3:00 PM Peterborough
Walsall 3:00 PM Bradford City
21st December 2016 (Wednesday)
Millwall 7:45 PM Charlton Athletic
26th December 2016 (Monday)
Southend 1:00 PM Wimbledon
Rochdale 3:00 PM Chesterfield
Sheffield United 3:00 PM Oldham
Bristol Rovers 3:00 PM Coventry City
Fleetwood Town 3:00 PM Bury
Millwall 3:00 PM Swindon
MK Dons 3:00 PM Charlton Athletic
Oxford United 3:00 PM Northampton
Peterborough 3:00 PM Gillingham
Port Vale 3:00 PM Walsall
Bolton 3:00 PM Shrewsbury
Bradford City 3:00 PM Scunthorpe
30th December 2016 (Friday)
Millwall 7:45 PM Gillingham
MK Dons 7:45 PM Swindon
Port Vale 7:45 PM Chesterfield
Rochdale 7:45 PM Shrewsbury
31st December 2016 (Saturday)
Southend 1:00 PM Charlton Athletic
Sheffield United 1:00 PM Northampton
Fleetwood Town 3:00 PM Oldham
Bolton 3:00 PM Scunthorpe
Bradford City 3:00 PM Bury
Bristol Rovers 3:00 PM Wimbledon
Oxford United 3:00 PM Walsall
Peterborough 3:00 PM Coventry City
2nd January 2016 (Monday)
Wimbledon 3:00 PM Millwall
Bury 3:00 PM Sheffield United
Charlton Athletic 3:00 PM Bristol Rovers
Chesterfield 3:00 PM MK Dons
Coventry City 3:00 PM Bolton
Gillingham 3:00 PM Oxford United
Northampton 3:00 PM Bradford City
Oldham 3:00 PM Port Vale
Scunthorpe 3:00 PM Peterborough
Shrewsbury 3:00 PM Fleetwood Town
Swindon 3:00 PM Southend
Walsall 3:00 PM Rochdale

As per schedule, League One starts from 1st Week of August month and regular season will be complete on last week of next year April month. You can also see that most of the League matches will be played on Weekend days rather then week days to get attention of more audience at stadium as well as live streaming on sports network. Total 24 teams are participated and compete in League One. Each team in the League will play match once at home and once at away means opposite team’s home.

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