Dutch Eredivisie Fixtures/Schedule 2016-17

Dutch Eredivisie Football competition Fixtures/Schedule for Season 2016-17. Eredivisie is professional football league in Netherland. Currently 18 clubs compete in Dutch Eredivisie. Generally Dutch Eredivisie played between August to May. Current season 2016-17 has also follow that timing and it starts with normal time from 1st week of August and will be finished on 2nd week of May.


All Eredivisie Fixtures timings are in United of Kingdom time zone.

Dutch Eredivisie Fixtures 2016-17:

30th September 2016 (Friday)
PEC Zwolle19:00ADO Den Haag

1st October 2016 (Saturday)
Heerenveen18:45PSV Eindhoven
Go Ahead Eagles18:45Excelsior
Roda JC Kerkrade18:45N.E.C.

2nd October 2016 (Sunday)
Ajax11:30FC Utrecht
Willem II13:30Feyenoord
Heracles Almelo13:30FC Twente
Sparta Rotterdam15:45AZ Alkmaar

15th October 2016 (Saturday)
FC Utrecht17:30Go Ahead Eagles
Sparta Rotterdam17:30Willem II
PSV Eindhoven18:45Heracles Almelo
FC Groningen19:45Heerenveen
AZ Alkmaar19:45Vitesse

16th October 2016 (Sunday)
FC Twente11:30PEC Zwolle
Excelsior13:30Roda JC Kerkrade
ADO Den Haag15:45Ajax

21st October 2016 (Friday)
Excelsior19:00PEC Zwolle

22nd October 2016 (Saturday)
Go Ahead Eagles17:30FC Twente
Roda JC Kerkrade18:45ADO Den Haag
PSV Eindhoven18:45Sparta Rotterdam
Willem II19:45FC Utrecht

23rd October 2016 (Sunday)
FC Groningen13:30AZ Alkmaar
Heerenveen15:45Heracles Almelo

28th October 2016 (Friday)
FC Twente19:00Roda JC Kerkrade

29th October 2016 (Saturday)
Willem II17:30FC Groningen
Vitesse18:45PSV Eindhoven
Heracles Almelo18:45Sparta Rotterdam

30th October 2016 (Sunday)
PEC Zwolle11:30Go Ahead Eagles
FC Utrecht13:30N.E.C.
ADO Den Haag15:45AZ Alkmaar

4th November 2016 (Friday)
Sparta Rotterdam19:00Heerenveen

5th November 2016 (Saturday)
ADO Den Haag17:30Willem II
PSV Eindhoven18:45FC Twente
N.E.C.18:45FC Groningen
PEC Zwolle19:45Roda JC Kerkrade

6th November 2016 (Sunday)
FC Utrecht11:30Excelsior
Vitesse13:30Heracles Almelo
AZ Alkmaar13:30Ajax
Go Ahead Eagles15:45Feyenoord

19th November 2016 (Saturday)
Heracles Almelo17:30Go Ahead Eagles
Willem II18:45PSV Eindhoven
FC Groningen19:45ADO Den Haag
Excelsior19:45Sparta Rotterdam

20th November 2016 (Sunday)
Roda JC Kerkrade11:30AZ Alkmaar
FC Twente13:30FC Utrecht
Feyenoord15:45PEC Zwolle

25th November 2016 (Friday)
Go Ahead Eagles19:00Willem II

26th November 2016 (Saturday)
PSV Eindhoven18:45ADO Den Haag
PEC Zwolle18:45FC Groningen
N.E.C.19:45FC Twente

27th November 2016 (Sunday)
Sparta Rotterdam11:30Roda JC Kerkrade
AZ Alkmaar13:30Heracles Almelo
FC Utrecht15:45Feyenoord

2nd December 2016 (Friday)
Heracles Almelo19:00N.E.C.


3rd December 2016 (Saturday)
Go Ahead Eagles17:30Heerenveen
Excelsior18:45AZ Alkmaar
Roda JC Kerkrade18:45PSV Eindhoven
Vitesse19:45PEC Zwolle

4th December 2016 (Sunday)
ADO Den Haag11:30FC Utrecht
Feyenoord13:30Sparta Rotterdam
Willem II13:30FC Twente
Ajax15:45FC Groningen

9th December 2016 (Friday)
FC Groningen19:00Roda JC Kerkrade

10th December 2016 (Saturday)
PEC Zwolle17:30Willem II
PSV Eindhoven18:45Go Ahead Eagles
N.E.C.18:45ADO Den Haag

11th December 2016 (Sunday)
Sparta Rotterdam11:30Vitesse
FC Utrecht13:30Heracles Almelo
AZ Alkmaar13:30Feyenoord
FC Twente15:45Ajax

16th December 2016 (Friday)
Willem II19:00Heerenveen

17th December 2016 (Saturday)
Roda JC Kerkrade17:30FC Utrecht
ADO Den Haag18:45Sparta Rotterdam
Heracles Almelo19:45PEC Zwolle

18th December 2016 (Sunday)
FC Twente13:30AZ Alkmaar
FC Groningen13:30Go Ahead Eagles
Ajax15:45PSV Eindhoven

13th January 2017 (Friday)
Go Ahead Eagles19:00AZ Alkmaar

14th January 2017 (Saturday)
Heerenveen17:30ADO Den Haag
PSV Eindhoven18:45Excelsior
Heracles Almelo18:45FC Groningen
Sparta Rotterdam19:45FC Utrecht

15th January 2017 (Sunday)
Roda JC Kerkrade11:30Feyenoord
Vitesse13:30FC Twente
PEC Zwolle13:30Ajax
Willem II15:45N.E.C.

20th January 2017 (Friday)
FC Twente19:00Heracles Almelo

21st January 2017 (Saturday)
AZ Alkmaar17:30Sparta Rotterdam
Feyenoord18:45Willem II
ADO Den Haag18:45PEC Zwolle
FC Groningen19:45Vitesse

22nd January 2017 (Sunday)
FC Utrecht11:30Ajax
Excelsior13:30Go Ahead Eagles
N.E.C.13:30Roda JC Kerkrade
PSV Eindhoven15:45Heerenveen

27th January 2017 (Friday)
Willem II19:00Sparta Rotterdam

28th January 2017 (Saturday)
Go Ahead Eagles17:30FC Utrecht
Roda JC Kerkrade18:45Excelsior
Heracles Almelo18:45PSV Eindhoven
Vitesse19:45AZ Alkmaar

29th January 2017 (Sunday)
Heerenveen11:30FC Groningen
Ajax13:30ADO Den Haag
PEC Zwolle13:30FC Twente

3rd February 2017 (Friday)
ADO Den Haag19:00Vitesse

As per Fixtures declaration, its first match started on 5th August 2016 which plays between NEC and Zwolle and League will be finished with last match on 14thg May 2017. Eredivisie will continue play for 34 weeks continuous. In this format, once match played at home ground and once play at opposite team home ground. According to fixtures its most of the matches are scheduled on weekends and only few matches will be play on weekdays. Schedule may be update or change as per need and decision of Dutch football association.

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