ICC ODI Ranking 2018

ODI – One Day International is a format of cricket in which both teams are playing for 50 overs. Currently 50 overs fixed in ODI format so both team will limited to play for 50 overs in each match. ODI is played within two teams in which both teams come from different countries. It is also called Limited Overs Internationals. ODI held by International Cricket Council. Currently 12 countries now listed in ICC ODI Ranking which you can see at ranking table.

ICC ODI Rankings 2018

RankingTeam/CountryTotal MatchesPointsRating
1 England516,470127
2 India485,819121
3 South Africa374,221114
4 New Zealand414,602112
5 Pakistan373,844104
6 Australia373,699100
7 Bangladesh272,47792
8 Sri Lanka463,49276
9 West Indies322,21769
10 Afghanistan281,75863
11 Zimbabwe422,24253
12 Ireland2076638
13 Scotland1653533
14 UAE1323618

Latest ODI Highlights:

  • England is now on 1st rank with 6479 points after its ODI Match with India which is currently on England tour. India is at 2nd position while South Africa on 3rd position.

ICC ODI Rating Calculation:

ICC is deciding each team rating on the basis of below formulas to determine which teams come on what rank and with what ratings. ODI Rating is calculating on 3 to 4 years match’s results. In which past 2 year match result has weighted of 100% from current year and 3-4 years score result from current year has 50% weighted.

If gap between two ODI teams for rating is less than 40 points before match then below table will used:

Results (Per Match)Ratings Points
WonOpponent Rating + 50
DrawOpponent Rating
LossOpponent Rating – 50

If gap between two ODI teams for rating at least 40 points before match then below table will used:

Results (Per Match)Ratings Points
Strong Team WinCurrent Rating + 10
Weaker Team WinCurrent Rating – 10
Strong Team DrawCurrent Rating + 40
Weaker Team DrawCurrent Rating – 40
Strong Team LoseCurrent Rating + 10
Weaker Team LoseCurrent Rating – 90

In ODI series, Team point earning is depended on the opponent team rating and basis ratings of team to calculate current ratings of each team. ODI Series Ranking table change after completing all matches played between two teams. Ratings of all teams will be change after each matches which currently playing ODI Series.

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