ICC Test Ranking 2016

ICC Test Ranking 2016 – International Cricket Council held test cricket every year. In test cricket format one team go for tour to opposite team’s home country to play and complete test series in their country. ICC has made formula to decide ranking, ratings and score according to pre decided formula. It is played internationally between different countries which decided and schedule by ICC. ICC Ranking table will be update immediate after complete one match in running series.

ICC Test Ranking 2016:

RankingTeam/CountryTotal MatchesPointsRating
5South Africa25241296
6Sri Lanka32305595
7New Zealand35318991
8West Indies26174967

Current Highlights about ICC Ranking 2016:

  • On Oct month end, India stay at 1st position and Pakistan comes to 2nd position. Australia, England South Africa gets 3rd, 4th and 5th Rank respectively.
  • Currently India and New Zealand test series matches now running in India. In which India has win 2 matches in test series and grab 1st Rank with winning this series. As per ranking updates, there before Pakistan was on 1st Rank but now India has beat Pakistan with winning current session with New Zealand. So now India has grab 1st rank from Pakistan which was placed on 1st rank for few times after best performance in test series.

ICC Test Ranking Calculation:

As per current formula of ICC Test, Each team will get 1 point for winning one match, half point ½ for draw match which goes to both team and 1 bonus point to those team who has win the series. If series draw as a result then both team will get half point ½ in their account.

There is two formula used to decide rating of teams in test series.

1. If gap between two test team for rating s less than 40 points then below formula will used to calculation of ratings.

(Team’s own series points) x (Opponent team rating+50) + (Opponent Series points) x (Opponent team rating – 50)

Results (Per Match)Ratings Points
WonOpponent Rating + 50
DrawOpponent Rating
LossOpponent Rating – 50

2. If gap between two test team for rating at least 40 points then below formula will used to calculation of ratings

Ratings points for stronger team:

(Team own series points) x (Team own rating + 10) + (Opponent Team series points) x (Teams own rating – 90)

Rating points for weaker team:

(Team own series points) x (Team own rating + 90) + (Opponent Team series points) x (Teams own rating –10)

Each team will get ratings as per below table after one match:

Results (Per Match)Ratings Points
Strong Team WonCurrent Rating + 10
Weaker TeamCurrent Rating – 10
Strong Team DrawCurrent Rating + 40
Weaker Team DrawCurrent Rating – 40
Strong Team LossCurrent Rating + 10
Weaker Team LossCurrent Rating – 90

ICC Ranking will be change just after completing each match in test series and may rank also change after just one match. So keep checking ranking table to get current test rank by team/country in whole cricket world.

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