ISL Points Table – Standings 2018

ISL Points Table and Standings 2017-2018 – Hero Indian Super League Matches now started with their decided schedules. Let’s starts to track daily Standings and positions of each team after completion of day match. Total 10 teams will be playing their matches in ISL 2017-18 and all are come at ground to get top position on point table. Total 60 regular matches will decide ranking of each teams on table and who will be enter in final rounds.

ISL Points Table 2017-18:

1Bengaluru FC1813411940
2Chennaiyin FC18945532
3FC Goa189631430
4FC Pune City18963930
5Jamshedpur FC18765-226
6Kerala Blasters FC18657-225
7Mumbai City FC18792-423
8Delhi Dynamos FC18594-1019
10NorthEast United FC183132-1511

Last Updated on 16th May 2018 at 4:06 PM IST

Current Highlights of ISL Standing 2017-18:

  • Chennaiyin has won the ISL 2017-18 Title and now has total 2 title.
  • Bengaluru is on top position at the table while Chennai, Goa and Pune is on 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively and qualified for play-off round.
  • Chennaiyin FC now stay at top position as well as qualify for play-off matches while others are compete to take place in play-offs.
  • After 22nd match, Bangalore stay at 1st while Goa FC up by one rank and Pune down to 4th rank. Chennai comes to 3rd rank from 4th rank.
  • As per current points table of ISL League, Bengaluru team is on top with 2 winning matches while Pune FC at 2nd position with 3 winning matches but with 3 GD. Goa FC stay at 3rd position after beating Bangaluru and other side United FC stay at bottom of the table.

Highlights of ISL Standings:

  • Semi finalist Teams: Mumbai, Kerala, Delhi and Kolkata
  • Now table s prepared for Play-off matches and top 4 teams decided who qualifies ton enter. Our wait is now finished. Sunday match complete and Kerala now qualified with winning match and United FC is out from ahead matches.
  • After 2nd Dec match: Pune, chennai and Goa out from Play-off round. Now we have to watch that who will be 4th Qualifier: United FC or Kerala ? It will decided on 4th Dec so be prepared.
  • No changes made after winning match from United FC which is more important for it.
  • Now 3 qualifier decided for Semifinals and they are Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. 4th Semi finalist remain unknown so we have to wait for next match’s result.
  • Delhi comes to 2nd position with win from Goa. Kolkata, Kerala comes at 3rd and 4th position respectively.
  • After Weekend match, Chennai remain same at their position while United FC up 1 rank with draw match.
  • Kerala comes to 3rd position after win from Pune while Delhi down to 4th position.
  • After winning match from Kolkata, now it comes to 2nd position while Goa lost one more match
  • No changes take place after great winning match from Mumbai FC.
  • New Table made after Tue, 22nd Nov match, Mumbai stay bat top and top 5 ranks also remain same. NorthEast up 1 rank while Chennai down 1.
  • After Sunday match, 3rd, 4th and 5th rank changed and teams are Kolkata, Pune and Kerala respectively.
  • After great winning of Mumbai on 19th Nov, Mumbai comes to top position with 5 winning match while Delhi down to 2nd position. Pune comes to 3rd rank and other side Kerala has to down to 4th rank.
  • After winning match from Pune, It is fly from 6th rank to 4th rank in table. Kolkata and Chennai down 1-1 rank. All positions are remaining same.
  • There is not more changes after one more draw match, United FC up 1 rank while Goa return to bottom.
  • After completion of 40th match, Mumbai up 1 rank and Goa also comes at 7th rank after long time. United FC now at bottom.
  • After 15th Nov match, Chennai up from 7th position to 5th position, Pune and United FC and down 1 rank and stay at 6th, 7th rank respectively.
  • After Sunday draw match all positions are remain same. Delhi and Kolkata both got 1-1 points after macth completion.
  • As per table on 13th Nov, Delhi on top while Kerala and Mumbai at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Kolkata and Pune down 1 rank from last position.
  • Pune FC fly to 4th Position from bottom 7th position. Top 3 positions remain same. Keral, North and Chennai down 1-1 rank from last position. Goa remain at bottom.
  • After Wed match, Delhi back at top position while Mumbai down to 2nd rank. Kolkata, Kerala remain at 3rd and 4th rank respectively. United FC up 1 rank and stay at 5th rank while Chennai down 1 rank and currently at 6th rank. Bottom ranks remain same.
  • After Tuesday 33th match, Top 3 remain same, Kerala comes to 4th position from 7th rank while chennai down to 5th rank from 4th. Pune up 1 rank while Goa stay at bottom.
  • After Sunday 32nd match, Pune got 6th rank from bottom while Kerala comes at 7th position from 6th position. Now Goa down to bottom position.
  • Again top 3 positions changed, Now Mumbai comes to first position, Delhi down to 2nd from 1st rank and Kolkata also down to 3rd rank from 2nd.
  • After 30th match results, Delhi rank boost to top while Kolkata and Mumbai down 1 rank and stay at 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. Rest positions are same.
  • Only bottom rank now change in which Pune comes to last position while Goa up 1 rank and stay at 7th position.
  • After 28th match, Chennai comes to 4th position while United FC down to 5th position.
  • Now points table change to new positions, 1st and 2nd remain same but 3rd rank comes to Delhi, United goes to 4th rank, Goa remain at bottom. Pune also on 2nd bottom. Chennai and Kerala both down 1 rank and stay at 5th and 6th rank respectively.
  • After Sat,29th Oct draw match, there are no changes made also on points table.
  • After 25th Match, top 3 positions now changed to new. Now Kolkata comes to 1st position, Mumbai goes to 2nd position and United down 1 more rank and stay at 3rd rank.
  • There are no changes happened after 27th Oct matches. All positions remain same.
  • By the winning of one more match, Mumbai gets 1st rank on standing table and United FC which stays at 1st for long time down to 2nd rank. Kolkata also down 1 potion from 2nd to 3rd rank as well.
  • 22nd Match played between Goa and Kerala and its affect on points table in which Goa remain at bottom after losing one more match. Top 4 ranks remain same but Delhi goes to 6th Rank from 5th rank and Kerala got 5th Rank after wining 24th match. FC Pune down to 7th rank from 6th position.
  • After result of Sunday (24th Oct) match, 1st and 2nd position remain same but Chennai comes to 3rd position from 4th position that’s why Mumbai goes to 4th position from 3rd. Same thing happened with Pune which comes to 6th rank from 7th rank and Kerala goes to 7th from 6th position. Delhi and FC Goa stay at previous positions.
  • After 20th Match between Kolkata and Delhi, Kolkata standing boost from 6th rank to 2nd rank and Delhi down 1 rank from 4th to 5th.
  • There are no changes will be happened after 20th match played between Mumbai and Goa in which Goa has won the match.
  • After 20th Oct matches United and Mumbai stay at 1st and 2nd position respectively. Chennai up at 3rd position with winning 1 more match. FC Pune and Goa also stay at 7th and 8th rank respectively. Rest Delhi, Kolkata and Kerala down 1 ranks from previous position.
  • After completion of 17th Oct match, Kerala comes to 5th rank from bottom rank. Top 4 position remain same. Chennayin down 1 rank from 4th to 5th position. FC Pune and FC Goa also down 1 rank and got 7th and 8th position respectively.
  • United FC stay on 1st position from starting with 1 loss and 1 draw match
  • 2nd Position grab by Mumbai FC with winning half of the matches which figures out with 2 and other 1 match is loss and 1 match finished as draw.
  • Kolkata comes at 3rd position but failed to win at least half of matches till today.
  • Delhi at 4th position on table with winning 1 match
  • Chennaiyin, Pune, Goa get 5th, 6th and 7th position respectively on table with each winning 1 match.
  • Kerala till not open their account by wining at least one match.

First we introduce to users about point system then, each team will get 3 points for win and 1 point for draw. Once match is complete, its point and other rating will be reflecting with exact ranking. Points table will update on daily basis to keep connect with current standings.

Top 4 scorer teams at standing table will be qualified for playing in Semi finals which plays in two legs. After completing of both legs, two teams will enter into compete final of ISL. Team which scores more than opponent teams in final will become winner of ISL season 2017-18.

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