ISL Results 2016

ISL Results 2016 – Indian Super League now started from October month. Some of the League matches now started so ready check score and results updates Online. ISL First match played between United FC and Kerala and results now available at online with exact scores and statistics. Get highlights about each and every match with live updates and scores. Results table updates just after completion of matches in particular stadium and confirmation from official channels.

ISL Results 2016:

Date Matches
1st Oct (Sat) NorthEast United 1-0 Kerala Blasters
2nd Oct (Sun) Atletico de Kolkata 2-2 Chennaiyin
3rd Oct (Mon)  Pune City 0-1 Mumbai City
4th Oct (Tue) NorthEast United 2-0  Goa
5th Oct (Wed) Kerala Blasters 0 – 1 Atletico de Kolkata
6th Oct (Thu) Chennaiyin 1-3 Delhi Dynamos
7th Oct (Fri) Mumbai City 1-0 NorthEast United
8th Oct (Sat)  Goa 1-2  Pune City
9th Oct (Sun) Kerala Blasters 0-0 Delhi Dynamos
11th Oct (Tue) Mumbai City 1-1 Atletico de Kolkata
12th Oct (Wed)  Pune City 0-1 NorthEast United
13th Oct (Thu) Chennaiyin 2-0  Goa
14th Oct (Fri) Kerala Blasters 1-0 Mumbai City
15th Oct (Sat) Delhi Dynamos 1-1 NorthEast United
16th Oct (Sun) Atletico de Kolkata 1-1  Goa
17th Oct (Mon)  Pune City 1-1 Kerala Blasters
18th Oct (Tuesday) Delhi Dynamos 3-3 Mumbai City
20th Oct (Thu) NorthEast United 0-1 Chennaiyin
21st Oct (Fri) Mumbai City 0-1  Goa
22nd Oct (Sat) Atletico de Kolkata 1-0 Delhi Dynamos
23rd Oct (Sun)  Pune City 1-1 Chennaiyin
24th Oct (Mon)  Goa 1-2 Kerala Blasters
25th Oct (Tue) Atletico de Kolkata 0-1 Mumbai City
27th Oct (Thu) Delhi Dynamos 1-1  Pune City
28th Oct (Fri) NorthEast United 1-2 Atletico de Kolkata
29th Oct (Sat) Chennaiyin 0-0 Kerala Blasters
30th Oct (Sun)  Goa 0-2 Delhi Dynamos
2nd Nov (Wed) Chennaiyin 1-1 Mumbai City
3rd Nov (Thu)  Pune City 0-1  Goa
4th Nov (Fri) Delhi Dynamos 2-0 Kerala Blasters
5th Nov (Sat) NorthEast United 0-1 Mumbai City
6th Nov (Sun)  Pune City 2-1 Atletico de Kolkata
8th Nov (Tue) Kerala Blasters 2-1  Goa
9th Nov (Wed) Delhi Dynamos 4-1 Chennaiyin
10th Nov (Thu) Mumbai City 0-1  Pune City
11th Nov (Fri)  Goa 2-1 NorthEast United
12th Nov (Sat) Kerala Blasters 3-1 Chennaiyin
13th Nov (Sun) Delhi Dynamos 2-2 Atletico de Kolkata
15th Nov (Tue) Chennaiyin 2-0  Pune City
16th Nov (Wed)  Goa 0-0 Mumbai City
17th Nov (Thu) Atletico de Kolkata 1-1 NorthEast United
18th Nov (Fri)  Pune City 4-3 Delhi Dynamos
19th Nov (Sat) Mumbai City 5-0 Kerala Blasters
20th Nov (Sun) Chennaiyin 1-1 Atletico de Kolkata
22nd Nov (Tue) NorthEast United 1-0  Pune City
23rd Nov (Wed) Mumbai City 2-0 Chennaiyin
24th Nov (Thu)  Goa 1-2 Atletico de Kolkata
25th Nov (Fri) Kerala Blasters 2-1  Pune City
26th Nov (Sat) Chennaiyin 3-3 NorthEast United
27th Nov (Sun) Delhi Dynamos 5-1  Goa
29th Nov (Tue) Atletico de Kolkata 1-1 Kerala Blasters
30th Nov (Wed) NorthEast United 2-1 Delhi Dynamos
1st Dec (Thu)  Goa 5-4 Chennaiyin
2nd Dec (Fri) Atletico de Kolkata 0-0  Pune City
3rd Dec (Sat) Mumbai City 0-0 Delhi Dynamos
4th Dec (Sun) Kerala Blasters 1-0 NorthEast United

ISL Semi-Final Round:

10th Dec (Sat) Atletico de Kolkata 3-2 Mumbai City
11th Dec (Sun) Kerala Blasters 1-0 Delhi Dynamos
13th Dec (Tue) Mumbai City 0-0 Atletico de Kolkata
14th Dec (Wed) Delhi Dynamos 2(0)-1(3) Kerala Blasters

ISL Final Results 2016:

18th Dec (Sun) Kerala Blasters 1(3) – 1(4) Atletico de Kolkata

Highlights on Final Match of ISL 2016:

Finally Kolkata has won the title of ISL 2016. It was 2nd title in ISL League. After draw result in first match, finally Kolkata got success in penalty shootout. Kerala has to lost the match but they perform well and give tough fight with Kolkata.

Highlights on Semi-Final Results 2016:

  • So now we got two finalist after completion of Delhi and Kerala 4th Seimi-Final match. Now ready to check Final match played between Kerala and Kolkata on 18th Dec at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi
  • 3rd Semi final match complete with draw. After this match, Kolkata now get place in final match and Mumbai out from final round.
  • Kerala has won the match from Delhi at 2nd Semi Final match. Delhi has one more chance in next match.
  • Kolkata has tough fight in Semi-final which was played between Mumbai at Kolkata stadium. Mumbai has lost its first match now they will play 2nd match on 13th Dec. Kolkata has got winning match in Semi 1st match.

Regular Season highlights of ISL Results 2016:

  • Kerala has won the match and enter in play-off round. United FC out from play-off competition by losing its important match played on Sunday.
  • Saturday match also complete with 0 goal from both side.
  • Pune has lost its important match because if Pune won tat match then may enter in play-off round.
  • Goa FC has won its last game of the league but it will no affect on its position because it already out from play-offs.
  • United FC has won the match but till there is no finalization of 4th Qualifier.
  • Kolkata vs Kerala match becomes draw with 1-1.
  • As per previous perform, Delhi return in Sun match with one more winning and we have no word for Goa.
  • Weekend match complete with draw result which was played between Chennai and United FC.
  • Kerala has won its 5th match from Pune.
  • Kolkata wan the match to boost at standings.
  • Mumbai now in great performance and won one more match in the league to make strong position.
  • NorthEast success to got winning match which is important for it.
  • Sunday 20th Nov match complete with draw which was played between CHN and ADK
  • Mumbai has won the match with great and big lead from Kerala Blaster. Mumbai now comes in great performance.
  • Pune continues win its 2nd match while Delhi has to face 2nd loss in league.
  • One match draw on 17th Nov between Kolkata and United FC
  • 40th Match complete with 0 scores. both team fails to score at least 1 goal in the match.
  • After 1 day break Chennai and Pune comes at ground in which Chennai won th match with 2-0 while Pune fail to score.
  • Sunday match complete with draw which was played between Delhi and Kolkata
  • 37th Match is going to favor of Kerala FC
  • Finally Goa has won the match played between United FC
  • Pune won his 3rd match which needs to improve positioning in table while Mumbai lost his match
  • Delhi back with one more winning and Chennai face one more loss
  • Kerala has won its 3rd match and Goa has lost one more match
  • Finally Pune won its 2nd match from Kolkata.
  • Mumbai has won its important match from United FC with 4 winnings.
  • Delhi has won the 30th match while Kerala fail to score at least one goal
  • 3rd Nov match go to favor of Goa and Pune has to face loss
  • After 2 days break, ISL start back and played between Chennai and Mumbai. Match complete with draw.
  • Delhi won the match from Goa with 2-0 lead played on Sunday
  • Saturday, 29th Oct match complete with zero scores.
  • Kolkata has won the 25th match and United got one more loss
  • 24th Match draw with Delhi and Pune and both get 1-1 points
  • Mumbai won one more game and kolkata got loss at 23rd match.
  • Monday (24th Oct) match goes to Kerala FC and Goa fails to win one more match. Kerala won by 2-1.
  • Sunday match becomes draw with Pune and Chennai  – match no. 21st
  • Delhi losses one more match and this they got loss from Kolkata at 20th match
  • FC Goa has won its first match in current league and open their account in ISL Points table while Mumbai face to loss
  • Now United FC has to face loss and game goes with Chennai
  • 17th match also complete with draw between Delhi and Mumbai
  • 16th match plays between Pune and Kerala complete with draw result
  • 15th Match finished with draw happened between Kolkata and Goa
  • Delhi and United FC match become draw with 1-1 at 14th Match
  • Kerala has finishes 13th match with winning goal and Mumbai has to face loss
  • 12th Match won by Chennaiyin with 2-0 by Goa FC

All above statistics, results and score of Indian Super League matches are comes from official source of ISL with correct figure and information.

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