Kabaddi World Cup Results – Scores 2016

Kabaddi World Cup Results of season 2016 – every world teams now ready achieve and get top standing on current season. Now International Kabaddi Tournament played with 12 countries. All countries now best compete to reach best score in each matches to win current season trophy. All teams are divided into two groups. Every two teams of particular group compete with its group team to beat them in standings and points table.

Kabaddi World Cup Results 2016:

7th Oct (Fri)India32-34South KoreaA
7th Oct (Fri)USA15-52IranB
8th Oct (Sat) England18-52 BangladeshA
8th Oct (Sat) Poland48-54 KenyaB
9th Oct (Sun) India54-20 AustraliaA
9th Oct (Sun) Argentina42-68 South KoreaA
9th Oct (Sun)USA19-45 JapanB
9th Oct (Sun) Iran64-23 ThailandB
10th Oct (Mon) England69-25 AustraliaA
10th Oct (Mon) Poland25-65 ThailandB
11th Oct (Tue) Iran33-28 KenyaB
11th Oct (Wed) India57-20 BangladeshA
12th Oct (Wed)Poland22-33JapanB
12th Oct (Wed) Australia68-45 ArgentinaA
13th Oct (Thu) Thailand53-21 KenyaB
13th Oct (Thu) Bangladesh32-35 South KoreaA
14th Oct (Fri) England68-28 ArgentinaA
14th Oct (Fri)USA29-75 PolandB
15th Oct (Sat) South Korea63-25 AustraliaA
15th Oct (Sat) Japan34-38 IranB
15th Oct (Sat) India74-20 ArgentinaA
16th Oct (Sun) Thailand69-22USAB
16th Oct (Sun) South Korea56-17 EnglandA
16th Oct (Sun) Japan27-48 KenyaB
17th Oct (Mon) Poland41-25 IranB
17th Oct (Mon) AustraliaAug-80 BangladeshA
18th Oct (Tue)USA19-74KenyaB
18th Oct (Tue)India69-18EnglandA
19th Oct (Wed) Bangladesh67-26 ArgentinaA
19th Oct (Wed) Thailand37-33 JapanB
21st Oct (Friday)Korea22-28Iran
21st Oct (Friday)India73-20Thailand
22nd Oct (Sat)India38-29Iran

Kabaddi Standings Highlights 2016:

  • India has won Final by beating Iran
  • Ready to check India vs Iran Live stream, prediction, scores and results here.
  • As expected, India has won Semi Final by beating Thailand and success to enter in Final.
  • Iran goes to Final with wining match in Semi Final and Korea has to face loss and out from tournament
  • Thailand has constantly improve their performance with winning 4th match out of 5.
  • Bangladesh got one more success after wining match of 29th played between Argentina and won with good leads.
  • India has easily got winning from England by best lead at 28th match
  • 27th grab by Kenya win one more winning
  • 25th match won by Poland and 26th match won by Bangladesh with big lead scores.
  • 25th match and 26th now completed and results now out from stadium.
  • 25th and 26th Match play soon and its results will be update on late night or early morning of 18th Oct 2016
  • 24th Match was played between Japan and Kenya in which Kenya success to win that match and Japan has face with Loss

Each group have 6 teams to compete with each other. Daily 1 to 3 matches will be played by pre decided schedule. Results will be update only after scores and statistics coming from official channels, stadium and other official sources. Scores of each team will be update after confirmation to provide right figure of results.

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