Kabaddi World Cup Schedule/Fixtures 2016

Kabaddi World Cup Schedule and Fixtures 2016 – current season of International Kabaddi Tournament is hosted by India. For 2016 season, 12 global countries now participated to compete in international Kabaddi tournament. This tournament is organised by International Kabaddi Federation. All matches schedule and played at Ahmedabad city, Gujarat state, India. 32 matches will be playing in complete tournament in which 29 is group stage matches, 2 Semi Finals and final. Complete played in October month.

All schedule matches will be play at TransStadia Football Stadium, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Kabaddi World Cup Schedule 2016:


Group Stage Matches

7th Oct 2016 (Friday)  India 20:00  South Korea
7th Oct 2016 (Friday)  United States 21:00  Iran
8th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  England 19:00  Bangladesh
8th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  Poland 20:00  Kenya
8th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  India 21:00  Australia
9th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  Argentina 19:00  South Korea
9th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  United States 20:00  Japan
9th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  Iran 21:00  Thailand
10th Oct 2016 (Monday)  England 20:00  Australia
10th Oct 2016 (Monday)  Poland 21:00  Thailand
11th Oct 2016 (Tuesday)  Iran 20:00  Kenya
11th Oct 2016 (Tuesday)  India 21:00  Bangladesh
12th Oct 2016 (Wednesday)  Australia 21:00  Argentina
13th Oct 2016 (Thursday)  Thailand 20:00  Kenya
13th Oct 2016 (Thursday)  Bangladesh 21:00  South Korea
14th Oct 2016 (Friday)  England 20:00  Argentina
14th Oct 2016 (Friday)  United States 21:00  Poland
15th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  South Korea 19:00  Australia
15th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  Japan 20:00  Iran
15th Oct 2016 (Saturday)  India 21:00  Argentina
16th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  Thailand 19:00  United States
16th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  South Korea 20:00  England
16th Oct 2016 (Sunday)  Japan 21:00  Kenya
17th Oct 2016 (Monday)  Poland 20:00  Iran
17th Oct 2016 (Monday)  Australia 21:00  Bangladesh
18th Oct 2016 (Tuesday)  United States 20:00  Kenya
18th Oct 2016 (Tuesday)  India 21:00  England
19th Oct 2016 (Wednesday)  Bangladesh 20:00  Argentina
19th Oct 2016 (Wednesday)  Thailand 21:00  Japan

Semi Finals

21st Oct 2016 (Friday) Korea 20:00 Iran
21st Oct 2016 (Friday) India 21:00 Thailand


22nd Oct 2016 (Saturday) India 7:45 Iran

As per schedule/fixtures of Kabaddi 2016, Its starts with first match which plays on 7th October 2016 and will be complete on same month on 22nd October 2016 with final match of tournament. It is continues play till 15 days without break of even 1 day. Semi Final of Kabaddi will held on 21st October in which both semi finals will be played at same day.

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