French Ligue 1 Results 2016-17

French Ligue 1 Results and scores for season 2016-17. As per schedule, Ligue 1 was started from 2nd week of August and will be play continue for 38 weeks without any month break. Now ready to check it last match and previous played matches results from online source. Results of Ligue 1 is updating after completion matches and results officially declared from stadium and other official telecasting.

French Ligue 1 Results 2016-17:

Week 11
28th Oct (Fri)
LOSC0 – 1Paris Saint-Germain
29th Oct (Sat)
FC Lorient2-2Montpellier Hérault SC
AS Nancy Lorraine2 – 0SM Caen
EA Guingamp1 – 0Angers SCO
Toulouse FC1-2Olympique Lyonnais
SC Bastia0 – 0Dijon FCO
AS Saint-Etienne1-1AS Monaco
30th Oct (Sun)
Stade Rennais FC1 – 0FC Metz
OGC Nice4-1FC Nantes
Olympique de Marseille0 – 0Girondins de Bordeaux

Highlights on Week 11 Results:

  • Foru matches complete with draw while Nancy, Lyonnais has scored 2 goals and success to win.
  • Top scorer teams of Ligue Week 11 is OGC Nice with 4-l lead with Nantes

Week 10

21st October 2016 (Friday)
AS Monaco6-2Montpellier Hérault SC
22nd October 2016 (Saturday)
LOSC2-1SC Bastia
FC Nantes1-2Stade Rennais FC
Girondins de Bordeaux1-1AS Nancy Lorraine
Dijon FCO1-0FC Lorient
Olympique Lyonnais1-3EA Guingamp
Angers SCO0-0Toulouse FC
23rd October 2016 (Sunday)
FC Metz2-4OGC Nice
Paris Saint-Germain0-0Olympique de Marseille
SM Caen0-2AS Saint-Etienne

Current Highlights on Ligue Week 10 Results:

  • Other winning teams of The Week 10 are Guingamp, Dijon, LOSC,Rennais and saint.
  • 3 matches become draw and those teams are Angers vs Toulouse, Girondis vs Nancy and Germain vs Marseille
  • OGC Nice and Monace has win their matches with good lead by Metz and Herault and scores are 4-2 and 6-2 respectively.

Week 9

14th October 2016 (Friday)
Toulouse FC3-1AS Monaco
OGC Nice2-0Olympique Lyonnais
15th October 2016 (Saturday)
EA Guingamp1-0LOSC
FC Lorient1-2FC Nantes
Montpellier Hérault SC3-2SM Caen
AS Nancy Lorraine1-2Paris Saint-Germain
SC Bastia1-2Angers SCO
16th October 2016 (Sunday)
AS Saint-Etienne1-1Dijon FCO
Stade Rennais FC1-1Girondins de Bordeaux
Olympique de Marseille1-0FC Metz
Week 8
2nd October 2016 (Sunday)
Angers SCOMarseille
OGC NiceFC Lorient
LyonnaisAS Saint-Etienne
1st October 2016 (Saturday)
Paris SGBordeaux
SM CaenToulouse FC
Dijon FCOMontpellier
FC MetzAS Monaco
FC NantesSC Bastia
30th September 2016 (Friday)
Rennais1 – 0Guingamp

Week 7
25th September 2016 (Sunday)
AS Saint-Etienne3-1LOSC
AS Nancy0 – 1OGC Nice
Marseille2-1FC Nantes
24th September 2016 (Saturday)
FC Lorient1 – 0Lyonnais
SC Bastia1 – 0Guingamp
Bordeaux0 – 0SM Caen
Dijon FCO3 – 0Rennais
AS Monaco2-1Angers SCO
Montpellier0 – 1FC Metz
23rd September 2016 (Friday)
Toulouse FC2 – 0Paris SG

Week 6
21st September 2016 (Wednesday)
Angers SCO2-1SM Caen
SC Bastia0 – 0AS Nancy
Guingamp1 – 0FC Lorient
FC Metz0 – 3Bordeaux
FC Nantes0 – 0AS Saint-Etienne
OGC Nice4 – 0AS Monaco
20th September 2016 (Tuesday)
LOSC1-2Toulouse FC
Paris SG3 – 0Dijon FCO

Week 5
18th September 2016 (Sunday)
Montpellier1-1OGC Nice
AS Saint-Etienne1 – 0SC Bastia
Marseille0 – 0Lyonnais
17th September 2016 (Sunday)
AS Monaco3 – 0Rennais
Bordeaux0 – 1Angers SCO
Dijon FCO0 – 0FC Metz
FC Lorient1 – 0LOSC
AS Nancy1-1FC Nantes
Toulouse FC2-1Guingamp
16th September 2016 (Friday)
SM Caen0 – 6Paris SG

Week 4
11th September 2016 (Sunday)
FC Nantes0 – 3FC Metz
Rennais2 – 0SM Caen
OGC Nice3-2Marseille
10th September 2016 (Saturday)
Angers SCO3-1Dijon FCO
SC Bastia2-1Toulouse FC
LOSC1-4AS Monaco
FC Lorient0 – 2AS Nancy
9th September 2016 (Friday)
Paris SG1-1AS Saint-Etienne

Week 3
28th August 2016 (Sunday)
Bordeaux1 – 0FC Nantes
AS Saint-Etienne0 – 0Toulouse FC
AS Monaco3-1Paris SG
27th Saturday 2016 (Saturday)
Dijon FCO4-2Lyonnais
SM Caen2 – 0SC Bastia
FC Metz2 – 0Angers SCO
AS Nancy0 – 2Guingamp
26th August 2016 (Friday)
Marseille2 – 0FC Lorient

Week 2
21st August 2016 (Sunday)
AS Saint-Etienne3-1Montpellier
Paris SG3 – 0FC Metz
20th August 2016 (Saturday)
FC Nantes0 – 1AS Monaco
Angers SCO0 – 1OGC Nice
LOSC1 – 0Dijon FCO
FC Lorient0 – 3SC Bastia
Rennais2 – 0AS Nancy
Toulouse FC4-1Bordeaux
19th August 2016 (Friday)
Lyonnais2 – 0SM Caen

Week 1

14th August 2016 (Sunday)
AS Nancy0 – 3Lyonnais
OGC Nice1 – 0Rennais
Marseille0 – 0Toulouse FC
13th August 2016 (Saturday)
Girondins3-2AS Saint-Etienne
SM Caen3-2FC Lorient
Dijon FCO0 – 1FC Nantes
FC Metz3-2LOSC
Montpellier1 – 0Angers SCO
12th August 2016 (Friday)
SC Bastia0 – 1Paris SG
AS Monaco2-2Guingamp

Ligue 1 Results section will update daily after finishing of all matches of particular day. Each match result will be show once collected confirm status from official sources.

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