NBA Scores and Results 2016-17

NBA Results and Scores for season 2016-17 – As per schedule, NBA Matches now started. Now ready to check each match’s scoreboard, statistics and proper result only at online. Just keep your eyes on our scoreboard and results page to get every match updated results. We tell you that National Basketball Association (NBA) matches started from 25th October 2016. Get results of all 30 teams which will playing in current league season 2016-17.

NBA Results and Score 2016-17:

30th October 2016 (Sunday)
Utah Jazz75-88Los Angeles Clippers
Milwaukee Bucks83-98Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors106-100Phoenix Suns
San Antonio Spurs106-99Miami Heat
Los Angeles Lakers96-113Oklahoma City Thunder
Dallas Mavericks92-93Houston Rockets
Washington Wizards103-112Memphis Grizzlies
29th October 2016 (Saturday)
Atlanta Hawks104-72Philadelphia 76ers
Boston Celtics104-98Charlotte Hornets
Memphis Grizzlies104-111New York Knicks
Orlando Magic99-105Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers101-118Chicago Bulls
Brooklyn Nets108-110Milwaukee Bucks
New Orleans Pelicans79-98San Antonio Spurs
Portland Trail Blazers115-113Denver Nuggets
Minnesota Timberwolves103-106Sacramento Kings
28th Oct 2016 (Fri)
Cleveland Cavaliers94-91Toronto Raptors
Orlando Magic82-108Detroit Pistons
Indiana Pacers94-103Brooklyn Nets
Charlotte Hornets97-91Miami Heat
Phoenix Suns110-113Oklahoma City Thunder
Houston Rockets106-98Dallas Mavericks
Los Angeles Lakers89-96Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors107-92New Orleans Pelicans
27th Oct 2016 (Thu)
Washington Wizards99-114Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics99-105Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Clippers114-106Portland Trail Blazers
San Antonio Spurs102-94Sacramento Kings
26th Oct 2016 (Wed)
Denver107-102New Orleans
Oklahoma City103-97Philadelphia
Houston114-120Los Angeles Lakers
25th October 2016 (Tuesday)
New York Knicks88-117Cleveland Cavaliers
San Antonio Spurs129-100Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz112-87Portland Trail Blazers

Current Highlights on NBA Results 2016-17:

  • 29th and 30th Oct matches also finished and results now out.
  • 27th Oct results now out and winners are Hawks , Chicago , Clippers and Spurs.
  • Lakers and Sacramento got 1st winning.
  • Miami, Charlotte, Denver and Oklahoma has give tough fight and as a result got reward of won.
  • Boston, Memphis and Toronto also starts their matching with wining and other side Brooklyn, Detroit and Minnesota has to face loss at first game.
  • 26th Oct match now started and most match’s results now out from stadium Indiana has scores highest and win match by 130-121 from Dallas
  • 3rd match of first match played between Spurs and Warriors in which Spurs got played winning match.
  • Match between Jazz and Blazers goes in the favor of Utah Jazz and they win their first match
  • Let’s starts with 1st match which plays between New York Knicks and Cavaliers and results now out. Cleveland Cavaliers has won the match with good leads from Knicks 117-88. Knicks has to wait for second match.
  • NBA 2016-17 Now started so ready to check all its highlights on each match results

NBA Match results will be update only after collection from official sources and channels of NBA League. We work to update exact figure of scores and statistics of all matches. Results of each NBA match will be only after completion of match at stadium.

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