NBA Standings and Table 2017-18

NBA League Standings for season 2017-18. Get ready to check current positions of each team in NBA League. As we all know, National Basketball Association matches now started and every teams want get best scores and winning match to stay on top rank of NBA Standings Table. There are two tables in which on for Eastern Conference and second is Western conference. Meantime have a look on current positions and standings of all NBA Teams.

Also check our highlights on points table which becomes change at every day so you will track movement of each team ranking.

NBA Standings 2017-18

Eastern Conference:

1Toronto Raptors8259230.7234-725-16
2Boston Celtics8255270.671427-1428-13
3Philadelphia 76ers8252300.634730-1122-19
4Cleveland Cavaliers8250320.61929-1221-20
5Indiana Pacers8248340.5851127-1421-20
6Miami Heat8244380.5371526-1518-23
7Milwaukee Bucks8244380.5371525-1619-22
8Washington Wizards8243390.5241623-1820-21
9Detroit Pistons8239430.4762025-1614-27
10Charlotte Hornets8236460.4392321-2015-26
11New York Knicks8229530.3543019-2210-31
12Brooklyn Nets8228540.3413115-2613-28
13Chicago Bulls8227550.3293217-2410-31
14Orlando Magic8225570.3053417-2408-33
15Atlanta Hawks8224580.2933516-2508-33

Western Conference:

1Houston Rockets8265170.79334-731-10
2Golden State Warriors8258240.707729-1229-12
3Portland Trail Blazers8249330.5981628-1321-20
4Oklahoma City Thunder8248340.5851727-1421-20
5Utah Jazz8248340.5851728-1320-21
6New Orleans Pelicans8248340.5851724-1724-17
7San Antonio Spurs8247350.5731833-814-27
8Minnesota Timberwolves8247350.5731830-1117-24
9Denver Nuggets8246360.5611931-1015-26
10LA Clippers8242400.5122322-1920-21
11Los Angeles Lakers8235470.4273020-2115-26
12Sacramento Kings8227550.3293814-2713-28
13Dallas Mavericks8224580.2934115-269-32
14Memphis Grizzlies8222600.2684316-256-35
15Phoenix Suns8221610.2564410-3111-30

NBA Highlights on Standings 2017-18:

  • Now all matches are completed for the 2017-18 regular season. Toronto is on the top of the table from eastern conference while Houston is on top from Western Conference. Both of the team has won 59-65 matches respectively out of 82 matches.

NBA League now open and its standing table now set for 2017-18 season

Each and every match will be standings and position of all 30 teams. Only great performance and scoreboard will be decide ranking of teams.

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