NFL Week 2 Schedule and Prediction 2018

National Football League regular season now started for 2018 in USA. Now time for 2nd week schedule for NFL and dates are now confirmed from NFL Official. Most matches will be held on Sunday and few matches held on other days. Let’s introduce to NFL Week 2 Calendar.

We have collected some prediction regarding week 2 matches so you can just expect below result but for confirm result, you only need to connect with live streaming of NFL.

NFL Week 2 Schedule and Predictions 2018:

Day: 13th September 2018 (Thursday)Live onPicks
Ravens8:20 PMBengalsNFLN
Day: 16th September 2018 (Sunday)Live onPicks
Panthers1:00 PMFalconsFOX
Chargers1:00 PMBillsCBS
Vikings1:00 PMPackersFOX
Browns1:00 PMSaintsFOX
Dolphins1:00 PMJetsCBS
Chiefs1:00 PMSteelersCBS
Eagles1:00 PMBuccaneersFOX
Texans1:00 PMTitansCBS
Colts1:00 PMRedskinsCBS
Cardinals4:05 PMRamsFOX
Lions4:05 PM49ersFOX
Raiders4:25 PMBroncosCBS
Patriots4:25 PMJaguarsCBS
Giants8:20 PMCowboysNBC
Day: 17th September 2018 (Monday)Live onPicks
Seahawks8:15 PMBearsESPN

Note that all matches time are defined in Eastern Time Zone.

All above picks are just prediction about NFL Matches which is collected from Iron Rank. Tickets are available on NFL Official website and other affiliate shop. US Citizen and outside person of US can buy passes from NFL website.

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