NFL Week 3 Schedule and Prediction 2018

Watch National Football League 3rd Week Schedule and its expected prediction for season. As per declaration of week 3 schedule, there 3 days choose to play NFL weekly matches. On 20th September only 1 match will be played of NFL. On 23rd Sep, 14 matches will be played between 28 teams. And on the last day of week 3, only one match will be played on 24th September.

NFL Week 3 Schedule and Predictions 2018:

Day: 20th September 2018 (Thursday)Live onPicks
Jets8:20 PMBrownsNFLNBrowns
Day: 23rd September 2018 (Sunday)Live onPicks
Saints1:00 PMFalconsFOXFalcons
Broncos1:00 PMRavensCBSRavens
Bengals1:00 PMPanthersCBSPanthers
Giants1:00 PMTexansFOXTexans
Titans1:00 PMJaguarsCBSJaguars
49ers1:00 PMChiefsFOXChiefs
Raiders1:00 PMDolphinsCBSDolphins
Bills1:00 PMVikingsCBSVikings
Colts1:00 PMEaglesFOXEagles
Packers1:00 PMRedskinsFOXRedskins
Chargers4:05 PMRamsCBSRams
Bears4:25 PMCardinalsFOXCardinals
Cowboys4:25 PMSeahawksFOXSeahawks
Patriots8:20 PMLionsNBCPatriots
Day: 24th September 2018 (Monday)Live onPicks
Steelers8:15 PMBuccaneersESPNSteelers

All of the time of Week 3 schedule is in Easter time Zone.

All mentioned prediction of above matches will be considered as only expectation. Actual result will be available only at the time of completion of particular matches. Picks of each matches collected through resources from internet.

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