NFL Week 4 Schedule and Predictions 2018

National Football League Schedule and Predictions for season 2018. Time to move on next NFL Week 4. NFL fixtures for Week 4 now available at online. There are total 15 matches will be played in week 4. NFL complete schedule for Week 4 is now available with predictions of match results.

NFL Week 4 Schedule and Prediction 2018:

Day: 27th September 2018 (Thursday)Live onPicks
Vikings8:20 PMRamsFOX/NFLN 
Day: 30th September 2018 (Sunday)Live onPicks
Bengals1:00 PMFalconsCBS 
Buccaneers1:00 PMBearsFOX 
Lions1:00 PMCowboysFOX 
Bills1:00 PMPackersCBS 
Texans1:00 PMColtsCBS 
Jets1:00 PMJaguarsFOX 
Dolphins1:00 PMPatriotsCBS 
Eagles1:00 PMTitansFOX 
Seahawks4:05 PMCardinalsFOX 
Browns4:05 PMRaidersFOX 
49ers4:25 PMChargersCBS 
Saints4:25 PMGiantsCBS 
Ravens8:20 PMSteelersNBC 
Day: 1st October 2018 (Monday)Live onPicks
Chiefs8:15 PMBroncosESPN 

As per announcement of schedule of Week 4, Only 1 match will be played on weekday which played between Vikings and Rams on Thursday which is first match of Week 4. Last match also played on Monday between Chiefs and Broncos. Rest 13 matches will be played only on Sunday so its most of the matches will played on weekend to get more attendance of audience at stadium.

We also collected predictions of NFL Week 4 which may be seen at the time of results. We just add all picks as expectation so we can’t say all picks become winner in match competition. You can just expect a winner team by our predictions.

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