NFL Week 5 Schedule and Predictions 2018

NFL Week 5 Schedule and Predictions for 2018 season league. In the Week 5, there are fifteen (15) matches will be played at the decided stadium, according to schedule. NFL Fans can now check online picks of all matches which will be played in NFL Week 5.

NFL Week 3 Schedule and Predictions 2018:

Day: 4th October 2018 (Thursday)Live onPicks
Colts8:20 PMPatriotsFOX/NFLN 
Day: 7th October 2018 (Sunday)Live onPicks
Titans1:00 PMBillsCBS 
Giants1:00 PMPanthersFOX 
Dolphins1:00 PMBengalsCBS 
Ravens1:00 PMBrownsCBS 
Packers1:00 PMLionsFOX 
Jaguars1:00 PMChiefsCBS 
Broncos1:00 PMJetsCBS 
Falcons1:00 PMSteelersFOX 
Raiders4:05 PMChargersCBS 
Vikings4:25 PMEaglesFOX 
Cardinals4:25 PM49ersFOX 
Rams4:25 PMSeahawksFOX 
Cowboys8:20 PMTexansNBC 
Day: 8th October 2018 (Monday)Live onPicks
Redskins8:15 PMSaintsESPN 

Schedule timings are available in Eastern Time Zone.

As per NFL Week 5 Schedule, The First match of the week will be played on 4th October between Colts and Patriot. Rest of the matches will be play on Weekends in which 13 matches schedule on Sunday while one match will play on Monday.