NFL Week 7 Schedule and Predictions 2018

Now time to check NFL Week 7 Schedule and Predictions 2018. You can check National Football League Fixtures for 7th Week 2018 which is available at online. In 7th week, total 14 matches will be played and all schedules are fixed and will not changeable. We have set-up all schedule with predictions.

NFL Week 7 Schedule and Predictions 2018:

Day: 18th October 2018 (Thursday)Live onPicks
Broncos8:20 PMCardinalsFOX/NFLNCardinals
Day: 21st October 2018 (Sunday)Live onPicks
Titans9:30 AMChargersCBSChargers
Patriots1:00 PMBearsCBSPatriots
Bills1:00 PMColtsCBSColts
Texans1:00 PMJaguarsCBSJaguars
Bengals1:00 PMChiefsCBSChiefs
Lions1:00 PMDolphinsFOXLions
Vikings1:00 PMJetsFOXVikings
Panthers1:00 PMEaglesFOXEagles
Browns1:00 PMBuccaneersFOXBuccaneers
Saints4:05 PMRavensFOXRavens
Cowboys4:25 PMRedskinsCBSRedskins
Rams8:20 PM49ersNBC49ers
Day: 22nd October 2018 (Monday)Live onPicks
Giants8:15 PMFalconsESPNFalcons

First match of the Week 7 will be played on 18th October 2018 which was played between Broncos and Cardinals. Just two matches will play on Week days in which 1 match play on Thursday and one at Monday. Rest matches will schedule to play on Sunday (21st October).

All above Match Predictions for Week 7 is collected from online resources of football picks and predictions. Confirm result will available only after completion of each matches at decided stadium.

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