Portugal Primeira League Fixtures 2016/17

Portugal Primeira Liga Fixtures declared for season 2016-17. Portuguese football association has announced it current season league complete schedule 2016-17. We also tell you that it is also known as Liga NOS. It can be available to see at online with proper timings. Total 18 teams will be competing in this league and each team’s schedule now covered below. As per Portugal League structure, each team will be playing once match at home and once at away. Now look at declared fixtures of Primeira Liga. All timings are available in Portugal-UK Time Zone.

Portugal Primeira Liga Fixtures 2016-17:

2nd December 2016 (Friday)
Marítimo8:30 PMBenfica
3rd December 2016 (Saturday)
Rio Ave4:00 PMTondela
Lisbon6:15 PMVitória Setúbal
Porto8:30 PMBraga
4th December 2016 (Sunday)
Feirense4:00 PMArouca
Moreirense4:00 PM Nacional
Estoril Praia6:00 PMBelenenses
Vitória Guimarães8:15 PMChaves
5th December 2016 (Monday)
Paços Ferreira8:00 PMBoavista
11th December 2016 (Sunday)
 Nacional4:00 PMTondela
Feirense4:00 PMPorto
Benfica4:00 PMLisbon
Boavista4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
Braga4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PMEstoril Praia
Chaves4:00 PMMoreirense
Arouca4:00 PMRio Ave
Belenenses4:00 PMMarítimo
18th December 2016 (Sunday)
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMBelenenses
Rio Ave4:00 PM Nacional
Marítimo4:00 PMFeirense
Moreirense4:00 PMArouca
Lisbon4:00 PMBraga
Tondela4:00 PMBoavista
Estoril Praia4:00 PMBenfica
Porto4:00 PMChaves
Vitória Guimarães4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
21st December 2016 (Wednesday)
Porto4:00 PMMarítimo
Feirense4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Benfica4:00 PMRio Ave
 Nacional4:00 PMBoavista
Chaves4:00 PMEstoril Praia
Braga4:00 PMMoreirense
Arouca4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
Belenenses4:00 PMLisbon
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PMTondela
8th January 2017 (Sunday)
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMPorto
Rio Ave4:00 PMChaves
Estoril Praia4:00 PMMarítimo
Moreirense4:00 PMBelenenses
Lisbon4:00 PMFeirense
Tondela4:00 PMArouca
Boavista4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
 Nacional4:00 PMBraga
Vitória Guimarães4:00 PMBenfica
15th January 2017 (Sunday)
Feirense4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
Chaves4:00 PMLisbon
Benfica4:00 PMBoavista
Porto4:00 PMMoreirense
Marítimo4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Braga4:00 PMTondela
Arouca4:00 PMEstoril Praia
Belenenses4:00 PMRio Ave
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PM Nacional
22nd January 2017 (Sunday)
Feirense4:00 PMEstoril Praia
Chaves4:00 PM Nacional
Benfica4:00 PMTondela
Porto4:00 PMRio Ave
Marítimo4:00 PMLisbon
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMMoreirense
Arouca4:00 PMBoavista
Belenenses4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
Braga4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
28th January 2017 (Saturday)
Rio Ave4:00 PMBraga
Lisbon4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Estoril Praia4:00 PMPorto
Moreirense4:00 PMFeirense
Tondela4:00 PMChaves
Vitória Guimarães4:00 PMMarítimo
Boavista4:00 PMBelenenses
 Nacional4:00 PMArouca
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PMBenfica
5th February 2017 (Sunday)
Feirense4:00 PMRio Ave
Chaves4:00 PMBoavista
Benfica4:00 PM Nacional
Porto4:00 PMLisbon
Marítimo4:00 PMMoreirense
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
Arouca4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
Belenenses4:00 PMTondela
Braga4:00 PMEstoril Praia
12th February 2017 (Sunday)
Moreirense4:00 PMLisbon
Rio Ave4:00 PMMarítimo
 Nacional4:00 PMBelenenses
Estoril Praia4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Tondela4:00 PMFeirense
Vitória Guimarães4:00 PMPorto
Benfica4:00 PMArouca
Boavista4:00 PMBraga
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PMChaves
19th February 2017 (Sunday)
Belenenses4:00 PMVitória Guimarães
Porto4:00 PMTondela
Feirense4:00 PMBoavista
Chaves4:00 PMArouca
Marítimo4:00 PM Nacional
Moreirense4:00 PMEstoril Praia
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
Braga4:00 PMBenfica
Lisbon4:00 PMRio Ave
26th February 2017 (Sunday)
Estoril Praia4:00 PMLisbon
Rio Ave4:00 PMPaços Ferreira
Boavista4:00 PMPorto
 Nacional4:00 PMFeirense
Tondela4:00 PMMarítimo
Vitória Guimarães4:00 PMMoreirense
Arouca4:00 PMBelenenses
Benfica4:00 PMChaves
Vitória Setúbal4:00 PMBraga
5th March 2017 (Sunday)
Marítimo4:00 PMVitória Setúbal
Moreirense4:00 PMBoavista
Porto4:00 PM Nacional
Feirense4:00 PMBenfica
Paços Ferreira4:00 PMTondela
Braga4:00 PMArouca
Belenenses4:00 PMChaves
Estoril Praia4:00 PMRio Ave
Lisbon4:00 PMVitória Guimarães

As per Schedule, League matches will be mostly played on Weekend but yes it also schedule on some weekdays. It will be played for 34 weeks which was starts from 2nd Week of August month and regular season will be complete on 3rd week of next year May month. Total 612 matches will be played in whole League of Portuguese.

It is professional football league in Portugal and ranked among top 5 UEFA league ranking so it is one of the most reputation league in all European leagues.

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