Scottish League One Fixtures 2016/17

Scottish League One Fixtures season 2016-17 is declared. It is a professional football league of Scotland. Football Association has announced complete and confirm schedule of Scottish League One. Complete Fixtures now available to see at online. It is also known as Ladbrokes League One. Matches will be played for 36 Weeks and total 10 teams will be competing in whole league to get top position on table. All timings are available in United Kingdom Time Zone.

Scottish League One Fixtures 2016-17:

10th December 2016 (Saturday)
Queen’s Park3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Stranraer3:00 PMLivingston
Airdrieonians3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Peterhead3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Brechin City3:00 PMEast Fife
13th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Stenhousemuir7:30 PMLivingston
Alloa Athletic7:45 PMStranraer
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMPeterhead
Livingston3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Brechin City3:00 PMStranraer
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
20th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Stenhousemuir7:30 PMEast Fife
24th December 2016 (Saturday)
Stranraer1:00 PMAirdrieonians
Albion Rovers1:00 PMEast Fife
Alloa Athletic1:00 PMBrechin City
Livingston2:00 PMQueen’s Park
26th December 2016 (Monday)
Peterhead3:00 PMStenhousemuir
31st December 2016 (Saturday)
East Fife2:00 PMLivingston
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Queen’s Park3:00 PMStranraer
2nd January 2017 (Monday)
Brechin City3:00 PMPeterhead
Airdrieonians3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
7th January 2017 (Saturday)
Peterhead3:00 PMLivingston
Queen’s Park3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Albion Rovers3:00 PMBrechin City
East Fife3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Stranraer3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
14th January 2017 (Saturday)
Brechin City3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Livingston3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Airdrieonians3:00 PMEast Fife
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMPeterhead
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMStranraer
28th January 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMBrechin City
Peterhead3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Albion Rovers3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
East Fife3:00 PMStranraer
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMAirdrieonians
4th February 2017 (Saturday)
Brechin City3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Queen’s Park3:00 PMEast Fife
Airdrieonians3:00 PMPeterhead
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMLivingston
Stranraer3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
11th February 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMStranraer
Peterhead3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMEast Fife
Brechin City3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMQueen’s Park
18th February 2017 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMBrechin City
Queen’s Park3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Airdrieonians3:00 PMLivingston
Albion Rovers3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Stranraer3:00 PMPeterhead
25th February 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Peterhead3:00 PMEast Fife
Albion Rovers3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Stranraer3:00 PMBrechin City
4th March 2017 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Queen’s Park3:00 PMLivingston
Airdrieonians3:00 PMStranraer
Brechin City3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMPeterhead
11th March 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMEast Fife
Peterhead3:00 PMBrechin City
Albion Rovers3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Stranraer3:00 PMQueen’s Park
18th March 2017 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Queen’s Park3:00 PMBrechin City
Airdrieonians3:00 PMStenhousemuir
Albion Rovers3:00 PMPeterhead
Stranraer3:00 PMLivingston
25th March 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Peterhead3:00 PMStranraer
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Brechin City3:00 PMEast Fife
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
1st April 2017 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Peterhead3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Brechin City3:00 PMLivingston
Stranraer3:00 PMStenhousemuir
8th April 2017 (Saturday)
Livingston3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Queen’s Park3:00 PMPeterhead
Airdrieonians3:00 PMBrechin City
Albion Rovers3:00 PMStranraer
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMEast Fife
15th April 2017 (Saturday)
Queen’s Park3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMLivingston
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMBrechin City
East Fife3:00 PMPeterhead
Stranraer3:00 PMAirdrieonians
22nd April 2017 (Saturday)
Brechin City3:00 PMStranraer
Livingston3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Airdrieonians3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Albion Rovers3:00 PMEast Fife
Peterhead3:00 PMStenhousemuir
29th April 2017 (Saturday)
East Fife3:00 PMAirdrieonians
Livingston3:00 PMPeterhead
Alloa Athletic3:00 PMStranraer
Brechin City3:00 PMAlbion Rovers
Queen’s Park3:00 PMStenhousemuir
6th May 2017 (Saturday)
Peterhead3:00 PMAlloa Athletic
Stenhousemuir3:00 PMBrechin City
Airdrieonians3:00 PMQueen’s Park
Albion Rovers3:00 PMLivingston
Stranraer3:00 PMEast Fife

As per League One Fixtures, Matches will be starts from 6th August 2016 and Regular session will be complete on next 6th May 2017. Most of the League matches played only on Saturday which is weekend day and only few matches played on weekday, according to declared schedule. Fixtures are subjected to change if need and schedule will be update with confirm timings.

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