Scottish League Two Fixtures

Scottish League Two Fixtures out for season 2016-17. Scottish Football Association has announced confirm schedule of each matches which played on 2016-17 league season. It is also known as Ladbrokes League Two because of sponsorship.  Total 10 teams will be played whole league and will be promoted and relegated with their points earned in league matches. League Two schedule is officially announced on 17th June 2016. All timings are available in UK Time Zone.

Scottish League Two Fixtures 2016-17:

13th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Forfar Athletic7:45 PMAnnan Athletic
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
Clyde3:00 PMEdinburgh
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Arbroath3:00 PMElgin City
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMMontrose
Stirling Albion3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
24th December 2016 (Saturday)
Cowdenbeath1:00 PMArbroath
Annan Athletic1:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Montrose1:00 PMStirling Albion
26th December 2016 (Monday)
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMClyde
31st December 2016 (Monday)
Stirling Albion2:00 PMCowdenbeath
Clyde3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMEdinburgh
2nd January 2017 (Monday)
Elgin City3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Arbroath3:00 PMMontrose
7th January 2017 (Saturday)
Edinburgh3:00 PMArbroath
Montrose3:00 PMElgin City
Annan Athletic3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Stirling Albion3:00 PMClyde
14th January 2017 (Saturday)
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMEdinburgh
Elgin City3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Arbroath3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Clyde3:00 PMMontrose
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMStirling Albion
21st January 2017 (Saturday)
Edinburgh3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Arbroath3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Montrose3:00 PMCowdenbeath
28th January 2017 (Saturday)
Elgin City3:00 PMEdinburgh
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Annan Athletic3:00 PMStirling Albion
Clyde3:00 PMArbroath
Montrose3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
4th February 2017 (Saturday)
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMElgin City
Edinburgh3:00 PMClyde
Arbroath3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Stirling Albion3:00 PMMontrose
11th February 2017 (Saturday)
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMElgin City
Montrose3:00 PMArbroath
Annan Athletic3:00 PMEdinburgh
Clyde3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Stirling Albion3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
18th February 2017 (Saturday)
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Edinburgh3:00 PMMontrose
Arbroath3:00 PMStirling Albion
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Elgin City3:00 PMClyde
25th February 2017 (Saturday)
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMElgin City
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMMontrose
Annan Athletic3:00 PMClyde
Arbroath3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Stirling Albion3:00 PMEdinburgh
4th March 2017 (Saturday)
Edinburgh3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Elgin City3:00 PMArbroath
Clyde3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMStirling Albion
Montrose3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
11th March 2017 (Saturday)
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMEdinburgh
Annan Athletic3:00 PMElgin City
Arbroath3:00 PMClyde
Montrose3:00 PMStirling Albion
18th March 2017 (Saturday)
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMMontrose
Elgin City3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMArbroath
Clyde3:00 PMEdinburgh
Stirling Albion3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
25th March 2017 (Saturday)
Clyde3:00 PMStirling Albion
Edinburgh3:00 PMElgin City
Annan Athletic3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Arbroath3:00 PMMontrose
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
1st April 2017 (Saturday)
Elgin City3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Montrose3:00 PMEdinburgh
Annan Athletic3:00 PMArbroath
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMClyde
Stirling Albion3:00 PMForfar Athletic
8th April 2017 (Saturday)
Edinburgh3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Elgin City3:00 PMMontrose
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMStirling Albion
Clyde3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMArbroath
15th April 2017 (Saturday)
Clyde3:00 PMElgin City
Montrose3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Annan Athletic3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Arbroath3:00 PMEdinburgh
Stirling Albion3:00 PMCowdenbeath
22nd April 2017 (Saturday)
Edinburgh3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Elgin City3:00 PMStirling Albion
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMMontrose
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMArbroath
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMClyde
29th April 2017 (Saturday)
Clyde3:00 PMBerwick Rangers
Cowdenbeath3:00 PMForfar Athletic
Annan Athletic3:00 PMMontrose
Arbroath3:00 PMElgin City
Edinburgh3:00 PMStirling Albion
6th May 2017 (Saturday)
Forfar Athletic3:00 PMAnnan Athletic
Montrose3:00 PMClyde
Berwick Rangers3:00 PMEdinburgh
Elgin City3:00 PMCowdenbeath
Stirling Albion3:00 PMArbroath

As per fixtures, League regular season starts from 6th August and complete on 6th May. Most of the matches will be played on Saturday. League starting and ending dates are same to League One. Each teams in League Two will be played 36 matches total in the league in which twice in home and twice in away. Qualification to other league will be decided after completion of all matches.

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