Sky Bet Championship Fixtures 2016-17

Sky Bet Championship Fixtures and Schedule for season 2016-17. It is also known as English Football League Championship which is sponsored by Sky Sports TV Network. League starts from 1st Week of August month and will be complete on 1st week of next year May month. Championship League is played annually between August to May month. Before this name, it is previously known as Football League First Division. Total 24 teams are compete and played in Sky Bet Championship League. Fixtures now confirmed and finally out at online to check.

All timing are available in United Kingdom Time Zone.

Sky Bet Championship Fixtures 2016-17:

18th November 2016 (Friday)
Brighton 7:45 PM Aston Villa
19th November 2016 (Saturday)
Fulham 3:00 PM Sheffield
Preston 3:00 PM Wolverhampton
Barnsley 3:00 PM Wigan
Birmingham 3:00 PM Bristol
Blackburn 3:00 PM Brentford
Cardiff 3:00 PM Huddersfield
Derby 3:00 PM Rotherham
QPR 3:00 PM Norwich
Reading 3:00 PM Burton
Ipswich 5:30 PM Nottingham
20th November 2016 (Sunday)
Leeds 1:15 PM Newcastle
25th November 2016 (Friday)
Barnsley 7:45 PM Nottingham
26th November 2016 (Saturday)
Aston Villa 3:00 PM Cardiff
Brentford 3:00 PM Birmingham
Newcastle 3:00 PM Blackburn
Preston 3:00 PM Burton
Ipswich 3:00 PM QPR
Reading 3:00 PM Bristol
Wolverhampton 3:00 PM Sheffield
Brighton 3:00 PM Fulham
Derby 3:00 PM Norwich
Rotherham 5:30 PM Leeds
28th November 2016 (Monday)
Huddersfield 7:45 PM Wigan
1st December 2016 (Thursday)
QPR 7:45 PM Wolverhampton
2nd December 2016 (Friday)
Nottingham 7:45 PM Newcastle
3rd December 2016 (Saturday)
Fulham 3:00 PM Reading
Norwich 3:00 PM Brentford
Sheffield 3:00 PM Preston
Burton 3:00 PM Rotherham
Cardiff 3:00 PM Brighton
Birmingham 3:00 PM Barnsley
Blackburn 3:00 PM Huddersfield
Bristol 3:00 PM Ipswich
Wigan 3:00 PM Derby
Leeds 5:30 PM Aston Villa
9th December 2016 (Friday)
Brighton 7:45 PM Leeds
10th December 2016 (Saturday)
Reading 3:00 PM Sheffield
Rotherham 3:00 PM QPR
Aston Villa 3:00 PM Wigan
Barnsley 3:00 PM Norwich
Ipswich 3:00 PM Cardiff
Newcastle 3:00 PM Birmingham
Brentford 3:00 PM Burton
Huddersfield 3:00 PM Bristol
Wolverhampton 3:00 PM Fulham
Preston 5:30 PM Blackburn
11th December 2016 (Sunday)
Derby 12:00 PM Nottingham
13th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Fulham 7:45 PM Rotherham
Leeds 7:45 PM Reading
Norwich 7:45 PM Aston Villa
Burton 7:45 PM Huddersfield
Cardiff 7:45 PM Wolverhampton
Birmingham 7:45 PM Ipswich
Blackburn 7:45 PM Brighton
Bristol 7:45 PM Brentford
Sheffield 7:45 PM Barnsley
14th December 2016 (Wednesday)
QPR 7:45 PM Derby
Nottingham 7:45 PM Preston
Wigan 7:45 PM Newcastle
16th December 2016 (Friday)
Norwich 7:45 PM Huddersfield
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
Leeds 3:00 PM Brentford
Nottingham 3:00 PM Wolverhampton
Sheffield 3:00 PM Rotherham
Cardiff 3:00 PM Barnsley
Fulham 3:00 PM Derby
Blackburn 3:00 PM Reading
Bristol 3:00 PM Preston
Burton 3:00 PM Newcastle
Wigan 3:00 PM Ipswich
Birmingham 5:30 PM Brighton
18th December 2016 (Sunday)
QPR 12:00 PM Aston Villa
26th December 2016 (Monday)
Rotherham 3:00 PM Wigan
Wolverhampton 3:00 PM Bristol
Huddersfield 3:00 PM Nottingham
Brentford 3:00 PM Cardiff
Aston Villa 3:00 PM Burton
Barnsley 3:00 PM Blackburn
Reading 3:00 PM Norwich
Ipswich 3:00 PM Fulham
Preston 3:00 PM Leeds
Newcastle 7:45 PM Sheffield
27th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Brighton 12:30 PM QPR
Derby 3:00 PM Birmingham
29th December 2016 (Thursday)
Rotherham 7:45 PM Burton
Aston Villa 7:45 PM Leeds
30th December 2016 (Friday)
Brighton 7:45 Cardiff
Ipswich 7:45 Bristol
Newcastle 7:45 Nottingham
Reading 8:00 Fulham
31st December 2016 (Saturday)
Huddersfield 12:30 Blackburn
Preston 3:00 PM Sheffield
Wolverhampton 3:00 PM QPR
Barnsley 3:00 PM Birmingham
Derby 3:00 PM Wigan
Brentford 5:30 PM Norwich
2nd January 2016 (Monday)
Birmingham 3:00 PM Brentford
Blackburn 3:00 PM Newcastle
Bristol 3:00 PM Reading
Burton 3:00 PM Preston
Cardiff 3:00 PM Aston Villa
Fulham 3:00 PM Brighton
Leeds 3:00 PM Rotherham
Norwich 3:00 PM Derby
Nottingham 3:00 PM Barnsley
QPR 3:00 PM Ipswich
Sheffield 3:00 PM Wolverhampton
Wigan 3:00 PM Huddersfield

According to Championship Schedule, League starts from 6th August 2016 and regular season will be end on 7th May 2017. It is starts with its traditional timing and current also follow its traditional time. As per format each team will play once match at home and once at away.

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