Sky Bet League Two Fixtures 2016-17

Sky Bet League Two (2) Fixtures and Schedule of season 2016-17. EFL League Two Schedule is now officially out and available to checkout at online. Each fixtures of EFL League 2 now available with exact details and proper timing. Sky Bet League Two traditionally held between August month to next year May month so it will be played for 46 weeks. Total 24 teams will be played in this League. It was also known as Football League Third Division. All timing of League 2 fixtures is available in United Kingdom Time Zone.

Sky Bet League Two Fixtures 2016-17:

22nd November 2016 (Tuesday)
Hartlepool 7:45 PM Accrington
Newport 7:45 PM Wycombe
Notts County 7:45 PM Cambridge United
Plymouth 7:45 PM Barnet
Leyton 7:45 PM Exeter City
Luton Town 7:45 PM Portsmouth
Mansfield 7:45 PM Blackpool
Cheltenham 7:45 PM Colchester
Crewe 7:45 PM Morecambe
Grimsby 7:45 PM Carlisle
Yeovil Town 7:45 PM Crawley
26th November 2016 (Saturday)
Accrington 3:00 PM Yeovil Town
Barnet 3:00 PM Notts County
Blackpool 3:00 PM Newport
Cambridge United 3:00 PM Cheltenham
Carlisle 3:00 PM Mansfield
Colchester 3:00 PM Crewe
Crawley 3:00 PM Grimsby
Doncaster 3:00 PM Leyton
Exeter City 3:00 PM Luton Town
Morecambe 3:00 PM Plymouth
Portsmouth 3:00 PM Stevenage
Wycombe 3:00 PM Hartlepool
3rd December 2016 (Saturday)
Stevenage 3:00 PM Doncaster
6th December 2016 (Tuesday)
Newport 7:45 PM Stevenage
10th December 2016 (Saturday)
Newport 3:00 PM Morecambe
Notts County 3:00 PM Wycombe
Plymouth 3:00 PM Doncaster
Hartlepool 3:00 PM Cambridge United
Leyton 3:00 PM Accrington
Luton Town 3:00 PM Carlisle
Mansfield 3:00 PM Colchester
Cheltenham 3:00 PM Exeter City
Crewe 3:00 PM Crawley
Grimsby 3:00 PM Portsmouth
Stevenage 3:00 PM Blackpool
Yeovil Town 3:00 PM Barnet
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
Doncaster 12:30 Grimsby
Morecambe 3:00 PM Cheltenham
Portsmouth 3:00 PM Hartlepool
Wycombe 3:00 PM Leyton
Cambridge United 3:00 PM Crewe
Carlisle 3:00 PM Yeovil Town
Colchester 3:00 PM Notts County
Crawley 3:00 PM Newport
Exeter City 3:00 PM Mansfield
Accrington 3:00 PM Plymouth
Barnet 3:00 PM Stevenage
Blackpool 3:00 PM Luton Town
26th December 2016 (Monday)
Crewe 3:00 PM Carlisle
Mansfield 3:00 PM Morecambe
Notts County 3:00 PM Doncaster
Plymouth 3:00 PM Wycombe
Stevenage 3:00 PM Cambridge United
Grimsby 3:00 PM Accrington
Hartlepool 3:00 PM Blackpool
Luton Town 3:00 PM Colchester
Leyton 1:00 PM Crawley
Cheltenham 3:00 PM Barnet
Newport 3:00 PM Portsmouth
Yeovil Town 3:00 PM Exeter City
30th December 2016 (Friday)
Cheltenham 7:45 PM Wycombe
Hartlepool 7:45 PM Morecambe
31st December 2016 (Saturday)
Mansfield 12:15 PM Doncaster
Leyton 1:00 PM Cambridge United
Plymouth 3:00 PM Crawley
Stevenage 3:00 PM Colchester
Luton Town 3:00 PM Barnet
Newport 3:00 PM Exeter City
Notts County 3:00 PM Carlisle
Crewe 3:00 PM Accrington
Grimsby 3:00 PM Blackpool
Yeovil Town 3:00 PM Portsmouth
2nd January 2016 (Monday)
Accrington 3:00 PM Hartlepool
Barnet 3:00 PM Plymouth
Blackpool 3:00 PM Mansfield
Cambridge United 3:00 PM Notts County
Carlisle 3:00 PM Grimsby
Colchester 3:00 PM Cheltenham
Crawley 3:00 PM Yeovil Town
Doncaster 3:00 PM Stevenage
Exeter City 3:00 PM Leyton
Morecambe 3:00 PM Crewe
Portsmouth 3:00 PM Luton Town
Wycombe 3:00 PM Newport

As per schedule announcement, League Two starts from 1st week of August and will be complete on 1st week of May month. In current each teams of league will be playing once match at their home while once at away.

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