Swiss Super League Fixtures – Schedule 2016/17

Swiss Super League  Fixtures for season 2016-17 out Now. Total 10 teams will be competing in Swiss League which is also known as Raiffeisen Super League because it is sponsored by it. Confirm schedule of each matches now declared by SFL league association and available at online to check.  League will be continues played for 36 weeks and it starts with its normal timing. All timings are available in Switzerland Time zone.

Swiss Super League Fixtures 2016-17:

27th November 2016 (Sunday)
Lausanne1:45 PMBSC Young Boys
 Vaduz1:45 PM Lugano
 Sion4:00 PM Basel
3rd December 2016 (Saturday)
 Luzern5:45 PM Vaduz
BSC Young Boys8:00 PM Basel
4th December 2016 (Sunday)
Lausanne1:45 PMGrasshoppers
 Lugano1:45 PM Thun
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Sion
10th December 2016 (Saturday)
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Lugano
 Vaduz5:45 PMLausanne
 Basel8:00 PM St. Gallen
11th December 2016 (Sunday)
 Sion1:45 PM Luzern
 Thun4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
4th February 2017 (Saturday)
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Thun
Lausanne4:00 PM Luzern
 Vaduz4:00 PM St. Gallen
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Sion
 Basel4:00 PM Lugano
11th February 2017 (Saturday)
 St. Gallen4:00 PMLausanne
 Thun4:00 PM Basel
 Sion4:00 PM Vaduz
 Lugano4:00 PMGrasshoppers
 Luzern4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
18th February 2017 (Saturday)
 Vaduz4:00 PM Lugano
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Sion
 Luzern4:00 PM Thun
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM St. Gallen
 Basel4:00 PMLausanne
25th February 2017 (Saturday)
Grasshoppers4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
Lausanne4:00 PM Sion
 Thun4:00 PM Vaduz
 Basel4:00 PM Luzern
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Lugano
4th March 2017 (Saturday)
 Sion4:00 PM St. Gallen
 Vaduz4:00 PM Basel
 Luzern4:00 PMGrasshoppers
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Thun
 Lugano4:00 PMLausanne
11th March 2017 (Saturday)
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Vaduz
Lausanne4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
 Thun4:00 PM Lugano
 Sion4:00 PM Basel
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Luzern
18th March 2017 (Saturday)
 Thun4:00 PM St. Gallen
 Vaduz4:00 PMLausanne
 Luzern4:00 PM Sion
 Basel4:00 PMGrasshoppers
 Lugano4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
1st April 2017 (Saturday)
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Basel
Lausanne4:00 PMGrasshoppers
 Sion4:00 PM Thun
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Vaduz
 Luzern4:00 PM Lugano
8th April 2017 (Saturday)
 Vaduz4:00 PM Luzern
Grasshoppers4:00 PM St. Gallen
 Thun4:00 PMLausanne
 Basel4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
 Lugano4:00 PM Sion
15th April 2017 (Saturday)
 Vaduz4:00 PM Sion
Lausanne4:00 PM Basel
 Luzern4:00 PM St. Gallen
BSC Young Boys4:00 PMGrasshoppers
 Lugano4:00 PM Thun
22nd April 2017 (Saturday)
 Sion4:00 PMLausanne
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Thun
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Lugano
 Basel4:00 PM Vaduz
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Luzern
29th April 2017 (Saturday)
 Thun4:00 PM Sion
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Lugano
 Luzern4:00 PM Basel
 St. Gallen4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
Lausanne4:00 PM Vaduz
6th May 2017 (Saturday)
 Vaduz4:00 PMGrasshoppers
Lausanne4:00 PM St. Gallen
 Thun4:00 PM Luzern
 Lugano4:00 PM Basel
 Sion4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
13th May 2017 (Saturday)
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Vaduz
Grasshoppers4:00 PMLausanne
 Sion4:00 PM Lugano
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Luzern
 Basel4:00 PM Thun
17th May 2017 (Wednesday)
 Thun4:00 PMGrasshoppers
 Vaduz4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
 Luzern4:00 PMLausanne
 Basel4:00 PM Sion
 Lugano4:00 PM St. Gallen
20th May 2017 (Saturday)
 St. Gallen4:00 PMGrasshoppers
Lausanne4:00 PM Thun
 Sion4:00 PM Luzern
BSC Young Boys4:00 PM Basel
 Lugano4:00 PM Vaduz
28th May 2017 (Sunday)
Grasshoppers4:00 PM Basel
Lausanne4:00 PM Lugano
 Thun4:00 PMBSC Young Boys
 Luzern4:00 PM Vaduz
 St. Gallen4:00 PM Sion

As per declaration of Super League Schedule, every match will be played in weekend days and reason is to attract more audience at stadium to watch Super League. Its regular season stars from 23rd July of this year and will be end on 2nd June 2017. Please note that fixtures are subjected to change if need.

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