Why Draymond hid concussion from Warriors during historic season


Why Draymond hid concussion from Warriors during historic season originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area


Draymond Green was not going to let a concussion get in the way of helping the Warriors chase history during the 2015-2016 season.

Golden State ultimately finished the regular season with a 73-9 record, passing the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls for the greatest regular season in NBA history.

The Warriors forward joined Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George on the latest episode of his “Podcast P with Paul George” podcast, where he discussed Golden State’s record-breaking season and why he decided to play through a possible concussion without telling anyone within the organization.

“I remember I got hit in the head by Joe Ingles like going for a loose ball and I feel down,” Green shared. “This may be like five games left in the season, I was concussed as hell. I can’t tell nobody, because if I sit any of these games we may not get the record. We gotta get this record. So I just played through it. The amount of s–t — people always talk about ‘load management’ and all that stuff — the amount of stuff I played through that year and we all played through just to get that was insane. Nuts. Like I know for sure I was concussed, I was dizzy, light-headed for days, I’m like driving my car to the facility like woo little dizzy. For a week.”

Having gone through that experience once, if Green were presented with the same decision again, he would prioritize his health and choose differently.

“I knew for sure I was concussed, but I refused,” Green explained. “I’m like ‘No we’re going to get these 73 games and we did it, but at what price? I look back on that and it’s like wow that was an incredible feat. If you told me today (we) can win 73 games next year and actually close the deal and win a championship, I may so ‘no, I’m cool.'”

“Because the price to pay to actually get through that, I’m not sure it’s worth it in the end.”

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Green and the Warriors are four-time champions and have an abundance of accolades and records to their name. However, their personal health is much more important than any accomplishment on the court.

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